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Absolutely love my Summer bracelets from Sunshine Beads 30A!
Sara M.


Hello Mattie,

I am so very proud of you! Congratulations on starting your own business, Sunshine Beads 30A, at such a young age. It’s truly impressive that you’ve been honing your craft of creating bead jewelry since you were just 8 years old. Your dedication and passion for your hobby have now blossomed into an entrepreneurial venture, which is a remarkable achievement.

It’s clear that you find great joy and fulfillment in designing and creating unique, custom bracelets and necklaces. The fact that you cherish the idea of others appreciating your handcrafted pieces shows that you pour your heart into every item you make. Your creativity and attention to detail undoubtedly shine through in your work, making each piece of jewelry a reflection of your artistic spirit.

Not only are you pursuing your own entrepreneurial dreams, but you’re also supporting your mother, Rachael, in her coffee business, Crave Coffee 30A. Your willingness to help and contribute to your family’s ventures demonstrates your strong work ethic and commitment to success. By working alongside your mother, you’re gaining invaluable experience and learning the ins and outs of running a business.

Mattie, your determination, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit are truly admirable, especially at such a young age. With your talent for crafting beautiful bead jewelry and your dedication to creating pieces that bring joy to others, there’s no doubt that Sunshine Beads 30A has a bright future ahead. Keep pursuing your passions, learning, and growing, and your business will continue to thrive. Your story is an inspiration to other young entrepreneurs, showing that with hard work and dedication, it’s possible to turn a beloved hobby into a successful business venture.

Your Forever Lolo,


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